Why eat Sipreme?

We made health super easy. By creating a product that is a perfect blend between nature and science, Sipreme is optimised to simplify your life, balance your diet & save precious time.

What is Sipreme?

Sipreme is Designer Food - a new evolution of food for simple, healthy eating. Each meal's nutrients are carefully calculated to provide 25% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) values as provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Can I live off Sipreme?

4 meals of Sipreme contain 100% of every nutrient the average adult body needs (averaged over male and female requirements of ages 14+). Some consumers eat Sipreme for all their meals, but most eat it for breakfast and/or lunch. 

Is it safe?

Sipreme is made from high quality, balanced ingredients  & sourced from trusted suppliers. It is made in a quality controlled professional food manufacturing facility, complying to the latest NZ food safety standards. Sipreme meets the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Is Sipreme safe for kids?

Sipreme is an ideal staple food for ages 14 and up. However, children under 14 have different requirements and should not use this as their sole source of nutrition. Consult your doctor about eating Sipreme when pregnant or breastfeeding.

What about allergens?

Sipreme is Vegan, Soy free, Sucrose free, Preservative free, Wheat free but contains naturally occuring gluten from oats. According to the NZ Celiacs Association, 80% of people with celiacs disease can still enjoy oats without discomfort.

Is Sipreme a weight loss product?

Not primarily, but it helps weight management with easily controlled portion sizes that provide long lasting energy and fibre to keep you full and energised for hours.. Each meal contains 450 calories.

What does Sipreme taste like?   Is it tasty?

Sipreme tastes like a Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry cereal smoothie. It has a faint gritty texture from the oat flour used. Feel free to spice it up with your own fruit, nuts or flavours.

What is the best way to mix Sipreme?

Blend 1 sachet of powder  with 375ml of water in a 500ml bottle :) Add ice, or chill before drinking for a smoother texture. For those under 14, we recommend blending with milk to boost  calcium intake. Vary consistency to taste with more or less water.

What is the shelflife?

Dry, it lasts for 12 months. Mixed, it’s cool to carry in your bag for 12 hours and is safe for up to 48 hours if refrigerated. After that, it starts smelling funny and would be better served in your worm farm :P

Delivery Locations

World wide in New Zealand Our next locations include Australia and China :)

How do Subscriptions work?
Simplify your shopping experience and save time by having Sipreme delivered to you monthly. You get a discount, and it helps us to predict monthly batch sizes. Subscriptions can be managed or canceled at any time from your Sipreme account.